That means we've undergone a rigorous process that includes third-party audits and comprehensive documentation—all to assure you that our logs come from forests that are grown and harvested in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Sustainable solutions

At C&D Lumber, we do everything in our power to sustain the health of our natural resources as we produce our top-quality wood products.

We buy our lumber from foresters who practice scientifically sound and efficient forest management techniques that provide habitat for wildlife and aquatic life, and maintain forest tree species, soil, air and water resources.

These practices ensure the continuous growth and harvesting of forest trees for the benefit of future generations of Oregonians, and for our mill.

We believe that the future of forestry and milling depends on voluntary compliance with strict regulations.

Oregon Forest Practices Act
To those ends, we have always committed to comply with the rigorous Oregon Forest Practices Act and the regulations established and enforced by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

We do this regardless of whether we harvest the timber, or we buy from someone else. When purchasing logs, we require a Notification of Operations Number to assure harvesting and reforestation is in compliance with the Oregon Department of Forestry, and Oregon Forest Practices Act.

In 2010 we took our commitment one step further and embraced the Sustainable Forestry Initiative program. This program is a comprehensive system of guidelines and measures all intended to protect soil and water quality, wildlife habitat, plants and scenic beauty. Becoming SFI-certified is a rigorous process that includes routine third-party audits and comprehensive documentation.

Quality Endures
Yet our commitment to sustainability goes farther: By providing high-quality materials, we help build higher quality projects that last longer, and endure more. Now that's putting our natural resources to work!

No Wood Goes to Waste
Of course, we have a responsibility to be as efficient as possible with our logs. To do this, we utilize every part of the log, leaving no waste. The bark removed from a log is used for landscaping bark or mulch, the wood chips are used to make paper products, and the sawdust and planer shavings are sold to make pressed board products.


When it comes to environmental protection, we do everything that is required of us-and more. At minimum, we comply with the Oregon Forest Practices Act and the regulations established and enforced by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

We do this regardless of whether we harvest the timber, or we buy from someone else. When purchasing logs, we require a Notification of Operations Number to assure harvesting and reforestation is in compliance with the Oregon Department of Forestry, and Oregon Forest Practices Act.

Oregon Forest Practices Act

Oregon’s forestlands total over 28 million acres and are owned by the federal government (22%), non-industrial landowners (16%), state and county (4%), and Native American tribes (1%). Oregon is the first state to adopt a mandatory sustainable forest management program, called the Oregon Forest Practices Act (OFPA), which requires the highest standards for forest reforestation and stream and wildlife habitat protection.

The "Oregon Forest Practices Act" (OFPA) assures that timber is cut following strict laws that protect air, water, fish, wildlife, as well as Oregon's citizens. In fact, the OFPA contains some of the most comprehensive forest protection regulations in the country. The broad categories covered in the OFPA include: planning and conducting forest harvesting operations and reforestation, road construction and maintenance, protection of fish and wildlife, and use of chemicals. At C&D Lumber, we meet and exceed the guidelines of the OFPA.

Oregon Department of Forestry

Landowners planning commercial forest operations must submit a written plan to the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) prior to operation. The ODF verifies that these plans meet or exceeds the OFPA, and then issues a "Notification of Operation Number" to the operator. This number allows the ODF to track all operations, and ensures that all reforestation requirements have been met. To guarantee that our timber suppliers meet or exceed these strict guidelines, we require proof of their Notification of Operation Number.

Forestry Practices We Follow

In addition to adhering to the OFPA and SFI guidelines, we commit to the following practices:

  • We target 500 trees per acre to be planted following harvest-that's 2 ½ times the trees required by the OFPA. (OFPA also requires Landowners to complete replanting within two years after harvest. Within six years, the harvest area must be a healthy stand of trees that can outgrow competing grass and brush.)
  • We protect fish and streams by leaving riparian zones. (To protect fish and drinking water OFPA restricts timber harvesting, road building and the use of chemicals close to streams.
  • We protect habitat by leaving live trees, snags and fallen trees-all of which provide structure for wildlife habitat.
  • All logs are purchased from landowners who have been issued "notification of operation numbers" by the Oregon Department of Forestry.
  • We fully utilize each log we purchase, and each tree we harvest.


When you come to C&D Lumber, you get more than just wood—you get a partner. And to us, that means helping you get the most out of your C&D Lumber products. Below is a list of resources we think you’ll find helpful in obtaining information about sustainable harvesting.

AFRC – American Forest Resource Council


The American Forest Resource Council strives to provide a positive operating environment for the forest products community, representing nearly 100 forest product manufacturers and forest landowners – from small, family-owned companies to large multi-national corporations - in twelve states, west of the Great Lakes.

Douglas Timber Operators


Douglas Timber Operators is a community-supported forest products organization whose mission is to actively promote timber harvest, reforestation and production of forest products on public and private timberlands, and the enhancement of healthy forest ecosystems, through multiple use forest management. DTO has served southwestern Oregon since 1968.

Oregon Department of Forestry


To serve the people of Oregon by protecting, managing, and promoting stewardship of Oregon's forests to enhance environmental, economic, and community sustainability.

The Evergreen Foundation/Evergreen Magazine


The Evergreen Foundation is a non-profit forestry research and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of science-based forestry and forest policy. To this end, we publish Evergreen Magazine, a periodic journal designed to keep Foundation members and others abreast of issues and events impacting forests, forest communities and the forest products industry.

Fire Science Online


FireScience.org is a one stop resource for education and career information in the fire and public safety world. The mission of FireScience.org is to be an education and knowledge center for the fire and public safety community. We strive to help kids, students and adults become more knowledgeable and aware of the risks inherent in the fire world, and focus on preventative measures to live a long and safe life in their respective communities.


The SFI program requires C&D to make its commitment to sustainability known to landowners and suppliers. We accomplish this by providing regionally appropriate information and implementation guidance on best management practices, reforestation, forest health, productivity, sustainable forest management, and conservation of wildlife habitats, ecosystem functions, and biological diversity.

The following resources are provided to assist landowners and suppliers with the information they need to support C&D’s commitment to SFI.

The links below will assist in obtaining information about:

  • Sustainable Forestry Management Certification
  • Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Reforestation, forest health, productivity, sustainable forest management
  • Training and certification for logging professionals
  • Conservation of wildlife habitats, ecosystem functions, and biological diversity

Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI)

Phone: 202-596-3450

American Tree Farm System (ATFS)

Phone: 202-463-2462

Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI)

Phone: 503-229-6718