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Sales, Marketing & Shipping Team

Leslie Southwick, Marketing / Sales Manager

Leslie Southwick

Marketing / Sales Manager

Leslie joined the C&D Lumber team in early 2008, and is charged with working with customers to build stronger relationships and develop programs to assist customer / partners with promotion of C&D products.

Phone: (541) 874-2241
Cell: (541) 430-5184
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Lee Greene, Sales Representative

Lee Greene

Sales Representative

Since he joined C&D in 1988, things have changed drastically within the industry, but one thing remains the same: Lee loves the fact that he works in an industry where a million dollars of business is done daily on a hand shake, an e-mail and the integrity of those in the industry.

Phone: (541) 874-2241
Cell: (541) 430-5183
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Kris Lewis, Sales Representative

Kris Lewis

Sales Representative

Kris has been in the timber industry since junior high, when her stepfather started a lumber company and called upon her for help. Since then, she has been in and around the timber industry. At C&D, we have been counting upon her since she joined us in 1989.

Phone: (541) 874-2241
Cell: (541) 430-5182
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Kristie Dappert, Shipping & Sales Assistant

Kristie Dappert

Shipping & Sales Assistant

Kristie joined C&D Lumber in April 2018. Kristie started on the Lumber Accounting Team and quickly proved that she would be a great asset to any team, so she was recruited to the sales office. Before working at C&D, Kristie worked in the banking industry. However, she has many family members who work in the lumber industry and decided it was time to switch careers and see if it was a fit for her. She has quickly learned that the lumber industry is a great place to be and is looking forward to growing her career at C&D. Kristie has aspirations to one day be a salesperson.

Phone: (541) 874-2241
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Beth Hager, Sales Administrative Assistant

Travis Wynegar

Shipping Coordinator

Travis began his career at C&D in 2000 and has worked in various areas of the sawmill before moving into the shipping department. He first began working as a shipping loader, which made the transition into the shipping office virtually seamless. Today, he enjoys coordinating all aspects of shipping C&D products all over the country.