Nick and David Johnson

125 Years of Excellence

When any company stays in business for over 125 years, you know there’s something special going on. In the wood products industry, it’s nearly unheard of. Throw in that the company has been and continues to be - family-owned - and you’re in the company of a very few.

The story of C&D’s commitment to personal, customized service combined with the highest quality wood products goes back more than 125 years. Our roots reach to 1890, when Alford Johnson built his first sawmill in Southern Oregon’s Coos County. In 1943, the Johnson family built a mill near the Coos and Douglas County lines. With a nod to its geography, the operation became C&D Lumber Company.

Now the sixth generation of the family guides the company in its successful navigation of a complicated national and international market.

Our mill's computerized state-of-the-art technology exceeds anything Alford Johnson could have imagined. In fact, even though C&D is relatively small, we have the largest lumber grade scanner and bin sorter system in the United States. But Alford would still recognize the old-world craftmanship and cutting-mill quality of the wood products we manufacture. He would also recognize the other traditions we have continued: a respect for natural resources, a love for Cedar, and the strong work ethic that has been our tradition since the Johnson family founded the business.